Home of the 411 swap . We are the leaders in 411 swap kits, . We make more horsepower out of a stock PCM. We provide the best customer support throughout the process and are here for you afterwards.

411 computer

5.7 or 7.4  411 Swap

For GM  trucks 1996-2000. The newer PCM offers more programming options.

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5.7 or7.4 411 Supertune

This is a 411 swap kit that includes a tune for more horsepower.

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Supertune N/A V6

We take a stock computer and remove the factory set limitations to create more torque and horsepower.

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Please send an email or fill out our customer information link if you would like more information on our services. The more we know about what your project is and the vehicle you are working on, the better the information we can provide you with.

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Please note that we provide a solid base tune. CAMS, rocker arms and other major modifications will require a dyno tune as the specifications cannot be written in. We always recommend a dyno tune for everyone as we cannot account for all possible conditions.