Please take time to study the pinout sheet before you start the swap. Most of the problems that occur during the 411 swap are from incorrectly pinning the wires at the PCM. It is imperative that you take your time, read everything thoroughly and take it one wire at a time. Verify the position and color of each wire before it is removed and then verify that is is being placed in the correct position on the 411 connector. Check each wire at least 4 times.

Q. How long will it take to get my PCM?

A. On average your PCM will ship out 5 days after payment is received. Please bear in mind that some custom tunes may take longer. We are a small business and our time frames depend on our workload.  We ship USPS 2 day in the US. If you are outside the US then shipping will take longer and cost more.

Q. How accurate are the pinout sheets?

A. They have been tested and are correct and have been used successfully by people in many countries.

Q. What do you mean by starter tune?

A. We recommend a dyno tune to all of our customers who have anything on their vehicle that is not stock besides bolt ons. There are parameters that cannot be taken into account unless the vehicle is running. These parameters need to be adjusted and without the vehicle present here, we cannot account for them.

Q. How long will my 411 swap take?

A. Out of tens of thousands of swaps we have seen that on average the swap will take just under 4 hours. This includes checking each individual wire at least 4 times. Don’t worry if it takes you longer than 4 hours. Take your time during the swap and you will save time and headache in the long run.

Q. Why do I want the VATS (vehicle anti-theft system) turned off?

A. If the VATS is on then you may have an issue trying to relearn your key.

Q. Can I get connectors from the junkyard?

A. We provide a brand new connector kit (made in the USA) with every swap. When using an old connector it is difficult to see the numbers and tabs get broken, leading to an unsuccessful swap. You always want to start with new connectors.

Q. Why is my 1996/1997 truck idling poorly/unable to stay idling?

A. If the idle smooths out as you raise the rpm, then try unplugging the EGR vale. If the problem goes away then you haven’t correctly wired up the EGR valve. In the 96-97 years the EGR was was controlled differently and an additional wire has to be added to maintain functionality. Please refer to the top of the pinout sheet.

Q. Can I send in my PCM for you to tune?

A. We work with our own refurbished PCMs that we provide in the cost of the tune. We check the functionality of every PCM that comes across our desk and ensure that it is the correct part number and that it works in a test vehicle. When a PCM is provided to us, we lose our quality control ability.

Q. Why does my truck have problems that weren’t present before the swap?

A. Most likely you have a wire placed incorrectly. A single mistake in the wiring can lead to big issues in your truck. Go back over each and every wire while referencing your pinout sheet to try and determine where the problem is.

Q. I made a mistake in my customer information form. Can you make a change to my tune?

A. We are always available to make changes for you. If an initial mistake was made in the form then you can send your PCM back to us and we will make the necessary change. You will be responsible for shipping both ways.