Wynjammer Tunes

Wynjammer 6 lb Tune

The Wynjammer 6 lb tune starts at a base price of $395 plus shipping. A swap kit is provided if required. Please click below to purchase. Fill out the customer information form so we can get started.

Wynjammer 8 lb Tune

The Wynjammer 8 lb tunes starts at a base price of $410 plus shipping and includes a swap kit if needed. Please click below to purchase. Fill out the customer information form so we can get started.

Supercharger Tunes

We all love horsepower and to achieve more horsepower you will need several things:

Proper Fueling- meaning a fuel pump that will push at least 255 LPH

The right injectors to match your setup.

An electric fan.

A power adder such as a supercharger, CAM, turbo, etc.

A good tune. For a good tune you will need to run a 2 bar MAP and run in speed density. This is also known as ditching the MAF. It has been proven by many, us included, that the MAF doesn't work.

We offer speed density, 2 bar MAP systems and custom wiring.

Blower and turbo tunes will be priced on an individual basis. Email for more information.

All blower and turbo tunes will need to be Dyno tuned as we cannot account for every possible condition.

Please Note

We are not affiliated with Wynjammer Superchargers but over the past few years we have perfected tunes to accompany their products.


For More Information

If you are interested in more information about our suprcharger tunes, please send us an email or fill out our customer information form. The more information that you provide us about your project and vehicle, the better we can assess your needs and determine how we can help.

Please note that we provide a solid base tune. CAMS, rocker arms and other major modifications will require a dyno tune as the specifications cannot be written in. We always recommend a dyno tune for everyone as we cannot account for all possible conditions.

If you choose to send in your own PCM and it is not the correct computer for the tune, there will be an additional fee for the time we have to spend making modifications.